Zeit on MakersPlace

The final enemy,
Tick, tock, goes the clock,
No chance to escape,
Bound to something,
Beyond our control.

3D digital artwork.
Maya, Arnold, Photoshop

Accepting offers.

Link to the NFT Artwork: 


Other Collections on MakersPlace:

Expressing thoughts in three dimensions. Rendered in abstract form symbolizing transition and chaos: on the verge of a sensory threshold, barely perceptible or capable of eliciting a response. We all have our demons inside, often incapable of expressing our thoughts and emotions. This series is an attempt at trying to visualize the emotional torment of being unable to express yourself in the way you want to.

Nothing is ever as it seems. The world is often filled with colorful shades of black and white. The artworks in this series are meant to portray some of these shadows which we encounter as we go through life, to inspire us to think and to determine for ourselves how we perceive what is in front of us

Ideas, thoughts, emotions, words visualized with digital art.Often it is difficult to express feelings or even try to begin to make sense of what is happening to one’s body and mind when such feelings take over your daily life, out of the blue, suddenly, with no warning.This series of artworks aims to explore the deepest corners of one’s mind, through art and poetry combined.

Retro future styled, cyberpunk infused, synth and vapor-wave packed artworks inspired to provide you with thoughts from a future brimming with nostalgia.All artworks in this collection are limited to one edition only.

Surreal, abstract, dream-like, mind-bending 3D landscape artworks as part of my starting collection on MakersPlace.Infused with symbolic imagery and a poetic undertone, escape reality and let your mind wander among the micro detailed landscapes even if just for a moment.

Twitter: @MarcJan3D

Instagram: @Marc.Jan.3D

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[ North Colony ]

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Small Cabin in Horizon Edge (Versum)