Yuán The Undying "King of the Dead"

Former king who ruled over great kingdoms for many decades. He was proficient in an array of arts. After his success as a ruler, he shifted his interest to immortality. He was obsessed with finding a way for himself and his kingdoms to live forever. 

His search for immortality lead him to involve with dark magic that he couldn’t fully understand. This carelessness, ultimately, resulted in the fall of his kingdoms over night. As of himself, he was cursed to live till eternity as a ghoul – not an eternal life that he dreamt of. The state of undying twisted his psyche terribly. It made him wanted to destroy everything. He then used all his power to create an army of evil in hope of ending the world of the living. 

In the end, Yuán lost to the light of the angels. Nevertheless, his curse remained unbreakable. The only thing the angels could do was to imprison him and his army in a mysterious cemetery and hoped that Yuán The Undying won’t be woken up ever again

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