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You’re “like” God


What does it mean to be liked? In this modern era, life is void of meaning until you receive the validation of others. Every action corralled by the satiating sensation of affirmations. It goes beyond a desire and quickly becomes a need. The need however is anything but. It is a 21st century manifestation turned social experiment, turned idol. This inseparable facet of human’s daily life resides within this inconspicuous yet powerful symbol. The design is elegantly simple and with intention. Its gesture denoting a universal understanding of positivty or acceptance. Often used in ancient Roman times where gladiators would live or die by it. Pollice verso is the Latin term for the gesture, meaning “with a turned thumb.”  Ironic that the symbol serves as the social life blood of many today. Many of whom have grown to depend on not just its existence but receiving it in order to feel validated in their choices and purpose in life. This in essence serves as the grandest popularity contest in the world. People’s success has become predicated on it and in turn become their own survival. It’s an icon that indicates a social credibility that unlocks doors and clears obstacles in life. Why wouldn’t someone devote themselves zealously to such an idol? If dedicated to properly, your prayers can be answered. Worship your God.

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