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You want the #NFTs with the actual piece of Art ? I have them.

African Chokwe Female (Pwo) Mask

This NFT is inspired by the actual physical piece African Chokwe Female (Pwo) Mask is in the possession of current .NFTartis 

*Naturalistic depiction of a woman’s face with elaborately styled hair, earrings, and tattoos Ideal features including wide forehead, small nose, calm expression, healthy (reddish brown) complexion, delicately rounded ears, mouth, and chin.

*Neat lines and circles, use of symmetric shapes Crafted with very delicate carvings hence capturing a calm expression has a broad and soft forehead and large, white, round eye sockets with almond eyes that are almost closed and bisected laterally by horizontal lines *Glowing reddish brown surface represents healthy skin *Slender nose, elliptical mouth and hemispherical ears *On the side of face signs shown or repair, signs of long use

  • cheek and forehead are the triangles of the tattoo (cingelyengelye) *Forehead/ temple: tatto mitelumuna (knitted eyebrows) *Under the eyes are tattoos that signify tears *To honor an ideal Chokwe woman who had successfully given birth *Two performers, one wearing the pwo mask and one wearing a mask of her male counterpart, *Cihongo, would dance and perform rituals meaning to give the tribe/village/community fertility and prosperity *Used during male initiation rites to teach young boys about how they should behave as well as to show them the type of ideal woman (who is like Pwo) that they should be looking for as a wife *It is danced during male initiation rites to show young boys what they should be looking for in their wives (looks and behaviors) *Danced for serious reasons and as for entertainment sometimes with the Cihongo (founding father) mask *Show the beauty of woman and their fertility

*Cingelyengelye on forehead and cheeks (tattoos) *The hairstyle on the mask represents a common Chokwe women’s hairstyle called coat, which includes a braided headband and heavy fringe coated with red earth (plaiting) *Pwo- the founding mother and deity who represents fertility *This mask represents Pwo Mwana, who is the younger and more idealized founding mother

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