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Why did I launch Crypto little unicorns???

Well lets flashback last month. My little sister ( 7 years old ) is truly an artist. She draws and paints every single hour. She has got tons of paintings. He favourite subject fairy tales and imaginary animals. She like to draw unicorns and hybrid animals. Last month she gave me on of her favourite drawings. It was a unicorn as a gift for my birthday( which wasn’t on last month hahah)

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So to honor her I decided to create a collection of NFTs from this beautiful drawing. I worked for hours every day for almost three weeks until I minted the this collection on opensea. I thought the hardest part of this mission is done. But I was really shocked and disappointed when I tried to promote and advertise the collection but I get nothing. I payed to some promoters but I have got some fake likes and fake followers. I discovered that selling NFTs is more way difficult than swimming in the ocean ( cuz I can’t swim).

Selling NFTs is not about how value the art of how much efforts have been spent , It is about relationships and connections so if I know you I will buy your NFTs even if yours was black dot on white background.

This is the link of my collection if you would like to see and may think to buy one

Crypto little unicorns

Have a nice day friends

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Don’t get desperate ant don’t give up. The NFT world is much about speculation and so on but selling NFT can be about have an audience and grow up, and that costs time. I know that costs time but you can get it, move your history on twitter and who knows, maybe you can grow up and Be surprised.


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