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The MetaWhoWho collection is quite new as I started with the implementation of the late 2021 and has been created for 3 main purposes. The 1st is networking amongst holders which would be across all interests and fields on our platforms.

We definitely would want to have physical meets and greats in countries where majority of our holders would be however that is a long term goal, could happen fast depending on the growth and sale of my collections. Phase 1 of this project was to have 5000 NFTs minted which was completed by the 07/01/22. This was so we have a good enough sample to display to our potential MetaWhoWho holders.

In Phase 2  of the project we would focus on expanding our community and definitely 1 of the most important parts of this entire project. Phase 3 and 4 would be the crux of this collection in which we would create public awareness on a specific topic(to be announced shortly before that drop however towards the second half of the year, its going to be very exciting and might happen sooner) as well as pull in a non profit organization in which we would donate a percentage of proceeds from a specific MetaWhoWho NFT number range. We would also announce the name of the organization prior to the drop. They do great work and help all over the world. The Total minted for this collection will be 10000 once we complete phase 4 and a very rare addition thereafter to this collection.

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