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What is Project 0V?

What is Project 0V?

So we have been asked the above question a lot lately. What is Project 0V? In advance of our release this Saturday, 10/2/21, I wanted to clue anyone interested in on our journey. Plainly put, Project 0V is an important journey for the creators of this project because to us it marks the birth of creating a significant social entity on the web. One where we can build the opportunity for people to congregate and have fun discussing something which they are passionate about. That’s why in the tsunami of NFTs in existence we want to be a place which is first and foremost about community. For those who take a peek at our Twitter we mention that this project is whatever you make it out to be. We mean that. We mean that because we want for you to take the base artwork and create derivates from it. We want you to take the artwork, share it and talk about it because in the end it really isn’t about it being “our” work because without everyone who is here in the discord today (or will be here in the future) this artwork will be meaningless.

This is what leads me back to the fundamental concept of why we created Project 0V. As the creators of this project we feel that we as humans are doing something we haven’t seen in a long time. We are revolutionizing the way we socialize and relate. Back fifty or a hundred years ago people congregated at various places to share stories and build experiences. However, technology (with the help of a pandemic) has reshaped everything we know about socialization. Going onto any major social media platform is a perfect representation of that. That’s why we, the Curators of Project 0V, believe that NFTs are the next step in the socialization of the internet. Forming communities around ideologies and building those ideologies as they morph and grow. And our ideology is simple: we want to create a space for people who want to have fun, be adults and will also care about this community. Because the fad communities will come and go however when things are tougher for the market we want to be the place which has people that will still enjoy coming home after a long day at work and hopping on their phone to fire off a couple memes or help forward a great conversation another step. To us that’s community in 2021. The art is just a medium to share that community.

Is our journey resonates with you feel free to join us. I promise we’re only getting started! http://discord.gg/YmneqmhnWT

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