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Hello !

Our story is really very simple: it’s the story of 3 friends, a passionate and expert of web development and NFT, a financial expert of the stock market and an accountant.

The NFT enthusiast has a dream: he wants to create his own collection. He has the skills, he knows he can do it… problem, he doesn’t have the money to start.

The financier, on the other hand, has confidence in his friend. Moreover, he has already made him a lot of money thanks to the NFT. And then he sees an opportunity to realize his childhood dream: to help marine animals.

As for the accountant, he has money to invest and time to offer to bring the project into compliance with the law.

So for months they have been working in secret on a shark collection.

If they chose sharks, then whales for the second collection, it is not by chance. Who better represents crypto and NFT investors than sharks and whales?

And yet, after the collections of monkeys, gorillas, cats, dogs … no real collection of sharks with a remarkable design has yet been released.

So the founders put their skills together and set their standards very high in terms of design.

They work with a French agency whose clients are prestigious (Dior, Nike, Adidas,…) and the first Sharks are simply sublime.

A total of 100.000 USDT will be donated to two associations for the protection of the oceans, because it is a cause that is close to their hearts.

The roadmap is very interesting for future holders too.

Now the collection will be released in March 2022 on Opensea for 0.13eth and we hope you’ll like it as much as we and our first members do!

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