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We have been making Pencil Drawing of Most Famous Landmarks of Countries

We’ve been making charcoal drawings of the most famous landmarks of the countries.

Price: 0.1 Eth.  

50% Discount for the first 5 nft.

100 NFT in Total.

We also send the original drawings to the Collector


Discord :


instagram :

Offical Website:

We have brought together the most important landmarks of countries in the world in the Nft collection. In this Nft collection study, we first determined the most important places of the countries. We made a charcoal drawing by hand of the symbol places we determined. We transformed this drawing into a miniature by placing it in a glass bottle. By placing this drawing and the bottle in the painting, we gave it the feature of a work of art. Over and above, only one work of the landmarks was created. That means, each artwork became unique. The person who owns this Nft collection will also have a unique work.Spectacular new collections will be waiting for you. We recommend that you take your place on this journey. This is an ongoing project in which we aim to create 208 artifacts in total by regularly adding 3 new ones each day.

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