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The volcano stands in the middle of the desert
Is silent, does not breathe, does not creak,
But only underground, in the depths
He melts the earth, stirring up.

Already in the bowels of the magma boils,
Fire moves along the vent
And everything burns, does not disappear
Old, ancient stink of anger.

For a long time the magma boiled,
Rushing upward, smashing, crushing;
It’s time for rage
To destroy and demolish everything.

You can see how the stone is crumbling –
Hell is a terrible panel –
The sky became dark blue:
It will be gloomy for a century.

Finally a flame erupted
A river is pouring down the volcano
Lava will give grief an ornament,
All of her turned red.

The work was created in a single copy

Size 4200 x 2362

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