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Using NFTChoice Polling System to Evaluate Web 3 Projects

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The rise of Web 3 projects has been a significant development in the technology industry. Decentralized platforms, blockchain-based solutions, and other innovative concepts are transforming how we interact with the internet and each other. With this rapid expansion comes the need for tools to evaluate and measure the potential value of these projects. One such tool that has emerged is the NFTChoice polling system. By allowing Web 3 project owners to gather feedback from their community and calculate a Sales Potential Score, NFTChoice is revolutionizing how we evaluate and invest in the future of the internet. In this article, we will explore the potential of NFTChoice in the Web 3 space and how it can help both project creators and investors make informed decisions about the projects they choose to support.

The Importance of Evaluating Web 3 Projects

With the rise of Web 3 projects, investors and developers need to have a reliable way to evaluate their potential value. Evaluating a project’s potential can help investors decide which projects to invest in, while developers can use this information to make strategic decisions about the direction of their projects.

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 How NFTChoice Polling System Works

NFTchoice is not just a platform for evaluating the potential value of NFTs in gaming, but it also features a unique polling system. The NFTchoice polling system allows NFT owners to participate in various polls related to their NFT, which can help them improve their NFT’s ranking and score. The polls cover a wide range of topics such as the design of the NFT, its rarity, and its potential use in gaming. By participating in the polls and receiving feedback from the community, NFT owners can make informed decisions about how to further develop their NFT.

But how does the NFTchoice polling system work? First, NFT owners must import their NFTs to the platform by connecting their wallet. Then, they can choose which of their NFTs should participate in the polling (up to five NFTs per week are free of charge). They can also add a story about their NFT to help participants in the poll vote for them.

Once the NFT is in the system, it becomes eligible for polling. The NFTchoice community can vote on various aspects of the NFT, such as its rarity, design, and potential use in gaming. Each poll response is converted into a score, and the NFT’s overall score is used to determine its Sales Potential Score. The Sales Potential Score represents the NFT’s potential value in the gaming industry, and it can be a valuable tool for investors, game developers, and other industry players.

In addition to the polling system, NFTchoice also offers a variety of features and tools to help NFT creators and owners. For instance, NFTchoice brings NFT scores to all NFT marketplaces, and it has a plugin that allows NFT creators to embed their NFT scores on their own NFT shop. Furthermore, NFTchoice provides 25 uNSN tokens to NFT owners, which they can use to vote in the polls and learn to use their votes properly to improve their NFT’s ranking and score.

Overall, NFTchoice is a promising platform for evaluating the potential value of NFTs in the gaming industry, and its polling system offers a unique way for NFT owners to improve their NFT’s ranking and score.

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How to Get Started with NFTChoice Polling System

To get started with NFTChoice, users can import their Web 3 projects and choose which ones to participate in polls. Five projects per week can be polled free of charge. Additionally, users can add a story to their project to help participants in the poll understand and vote for their project. Once a project receives a Sales Potential Score, users can use this score to make informed investment or development decisions.


In conclusion, the emergence of Web 3 projects has brought about an exciting new era in the world of technology and finance. With the potential to revolutionize industries ranging from finance to gaming to healthcare, Web 3 projects are poised to transform the way we interact with the world around us. The use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has played a key role in this transformation, enabling the creation of unique digital assets and new forms of value exchange.

As Web 3 projects continue to gain traction and adoption, the need for tools to evaluate their potential value becomes increasingly important. This is where the NFTChoice polling system comes in, providing a valuable tool for investors, developers, and other industry players to make informed decisions about which Web 3 projects to support and invest in.

By enabling NFT owners to vote on various aspects of a project, NFTChoice creates a Sales Potential Score, which represents the project’s potential value. This can help investors identify promising projects early on and make more informed investment decisions, while also providing valuable feedback for developers to improve their projects and increase their value.


Learn how NFTChoice’s rating system can evaluate Web 3 projects and help investors make informed decisions. Discover the potential of Web 3 with NFTChoice.

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