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I have been a comicbook fan since the early 80's.  I've always been into animation and drawing.  It really is my love.  I always wanted to create characters of my own so after my daughter was old enough I got her into comics and animated shows and eventually she started drawing also.  So over the years we created some cool characters, and this is the first time that an opportunity like this has ever been available (selling NFT'S) and we are absolutely loving it!! To be able to expand our universe in a way that we never thought possible is amazing.  We hand draw all of our NFT's because we feel that way we can show our characters personality through the art.  It also makes us feel like we are comic book artists,(without the pressure) and who wouldn't love that feeling.  We came up with the name of our collection because my name is Pascus, but so was my grandfathers so I could not be KINGPASCUS, so I humbly and happily took PRINCEPASCUS and my daughter had the idea of making a universe of characters. BOOM The UNIVERSE OF PRINCEPASCUS was born.


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We are on a constant project to improve and expand our universe of characters.  We hope you enjoy our work.

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