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UNIVERSE is art collection of 500 unique digital collectibles images photographing an instant of a universe in motion. The original image is a relief woodcut , pictorially inked and printed on golden leave and black silk freely elaborated from a 3rd century tantric painting that represents the universe according to the cosmological tradition which considers reality as an uninterrupted stream of vibrations and movement. The image is broken down and animated, its parts interact dynamically each other. A video with a scientific recording of the traces of light left by cosmic dust is overlapped,it’s a recent scientific experiment that conceptually connects to tantric mysticism. Frames of this interaction game are captured separately as moment of this uninterrupted game of creation. Each frame is a unique and different token. Collection is made by 5 videos with 100 frames/tokens each.

Discover the site of this project, click on 

UNIVERSE-in-motion web site

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