51 ferrari testarossa 02

TURBO. The taste of freedom (51 to 120). High Grade

Turbo 51 o 120, T2 or the Second series. Produced from 1987 till 1990 in some ex-USSR countries, Romania, Russia, Poland and Bulgaria. 

Different from the first series the T2 had 70 items which became the standard from that moment on. All of the text was black and the characteristics were presented in 3 rows, the wrappers size was 83-85 mm in width, and 60-62 mm in height, the number was placed under the Turbo like in the 1st series, in the next series the number was placed right of the Turbo logo. 

All cars were real (no prototypes) on a real background.

Some interesting facts about this collection:

Numbers 41 and 111 – the first repeat of images from the 1st series.

There are errors in all wrappers with BMW – the text BMV is written instead of BMW.

 Number 78 – the text Turbo Kent written on the car.

Numbers 51, 85, 112 come with more poses and more colours making them a more valuable collection item.

 Number 82 is the first image ever that is vertically oriented.

82 bmv k 100 rt 01
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