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TURBO. The taste of freedom (1 to 50). High Grade

Turbo 1-50 was  the first series released by Kent and was produced from 1986 to 1987. The series had 50 inserts and was very rare being the most expensive of all series. Number 1 was the most difficult to find. 

The numbering starts at number 1 placed under the Turbo text. 

The characteristics of the cars in this series were in two languages written on three rows.

 All cars were real (no prototypes) on real background and no photo editing. The size of the surprises was a bit higher than the following series, width 85-87 mm, height 62-65 mm. 

Starting with the 2nd series until the last series in 2007 the dimensions were different (width 83-85 mm, height 60-62 mm). 

Only in this series the Turkish alphabet can be found, each letter in a circle. All texts are black.

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Madalina B

I remember these. I still have a few in my memory box, none from 1-50, as I was born after 90s’ ✌🏻 Last year I also found a pack of Turbo gum at my local Carrefour. You can still get big boxes delivered from Ebay and surprisingly they have recent concept cars with the new packs, so you can carry on the collection.

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