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TURBO. High Grade (121 to 190). The taste of freedom.

Turbo 121 to 190, T3 or the Third series. Produced from 1990 till the end of 1991. Different from the previous series was not only numbered from low to high but also in alphabetical order. The text was black, the number was placed right of the Turbo logo and the characteristics were on 2 rows. Different from the previous series there were many prototypes.

Specific for this series is that the early covers of 3rd series from 1991 were without the text TSE written in a diamond shape, the letters appeared in 1991 and were present on all the covers of the following series. TSE meant Turkish Standards Institution – a Turkish Quality Certificate.

Some interesting facts about this collection:

124 – name with appendix 318 and without 131 – name Pantera or Pentera.

144 – engine volume 1500 cc indicated or not 

149 – name with Diablo and without 159 – car model 300 and 500 186 – 14000cc present or not

You could win a T-Shirt if you collected the complete series.

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