NFT 9K drop

tudaBirds NFT9K Gamified Drop

non-Fungible Birds: tudaBirds NFBs evolve and will deliver function and utility as we build out our arena. Arena users will be able to win, swap, and purchase NFT evolutions ranging from spacesuits, helmets, boots through to jetpacks at all levels of rarity – as well as reflecting player profiles and experiences and more.

A unique offer for a gamified NFT drop

A total of 9,000 unique NFTs — offered on a first come, first served basis with fair and randomized distribution of rarities and scarcities scattered within — and secret bonus content.

EVERY single NFT in the NFT9K drop will have future value or utility in the tudaBirds arena. AND every single NFT in the drop has been created by our team, working under Ishan, our CBO (Chief Bird Officer) and his nest of feathered artist: no machine-generated birds in this house!

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