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TRUNIG zunz: can you decipher their meaning?

All TRUNIG zunz NFTs have now been distributed. The ultimate puzzle you must solve comes from the description of the collection:

TRUNIG zunz is an experimental AI collection by LIBESKIND ARTS, using GAN algorithms and based upon a preordained set of images, prompts and algorithmic rules, to create images that can seem at first oddly familiar, yet upon closer inspection reveal themselves to be aberrantly weird.

We’re releasing TRUNIG zunz as a limited series of one hundred pieces with token holders receiving exclusive access to future content.

You must discover what input images and prompts were used and why. Providing at least three of the one hundred original input images, text prompts and their corresponding TRUNIG zunz NFTs will be considered a win.

To solve this puzzle all you need is the information contained with the NFTs themselves, our Twitter posts, our Instagram posts and our website. Some hints have already been posted, others are embedded within the 64² NFT we just minted which is another puzzle in and of itself (and another opportunity to win a Tauros DAO token and land plot).

Some of the TRUNIG zunz tokens while having been distributed, could be claimed by solving additional puzzles.

Finally, holder’s of TRUNIG zunz NFTs will receive exclusive access to future content as well as other surprises in store including a random drawing for token holders. Get them while you still can.

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