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Tohy2100 or Slyding – the game

Parallel web is a place where you disappear from the real world and live with machines with artificial intelligence, but an intelligence so advanced that humans can not understand.

They say things and do things that nobody can understand.

Parallel web has its own laws, both behavioral laws and laws of physics.

They admit the entry of some people that they consider welcome. People who consider their ancestors, after all the parallel web was “created” by humans (more or less). If you help to create the parallel web, you can enter and live there. You can even go back to the real world from time to time. But why would you do it?

Jennifer (281**Knilb) didn’t want to enter, but was forced to enter. Her mission: to find her sister Lucy (Sen@@Omar). She came in and never came back. When Jennifer (281**Knilb) entered, Non-Sphinx asked her:

“Are you doing it for emotion? Hey, what’s going on? You’re coming in here to search for your sister, aren’t you? You’re doing by emotion”.

“Yes, I’m sorry. I love my sister. I promised my parents I’d find her. Is this wrong?”

“No, it’s not. But you’re doing it with reason?”

“I should have to”.

“Besides emotion and reason, what else is there?”

“I don’t know, I don’t know. Intuition? What else?”

“Tangle of neurons? Formerly called ‘telepathy’. It’s getting better. Put the cryptocurrency here in my hand”.

“My cell phone has no signal here. I don’t have a physical license”.

“Without paying for the cryptocurrency ticket, you’re going to miss the charade. If you answer correctly, you can get in, but you won’t win the ananthropic clock. Without the ananthropic clock, it can be hard to walk here. You can answer. What did a polar bear say to a blue dinosaur?”

“‘I love you’”.

“Here’s your ananthropic watch. Try not to lose. Marbella, who manages the lost-and-found sector, is usually very grumpy with the loss of ananthropic clocks”.

“Okay, okay”.

Non-Sphinx put the ananthropic watch on Jennifer’s wrist (281**Knilb). She didn’t understand anything. It had several pointers, spinning in all directions, strange numbers, symbols she had never seen, and different words.

“The language on your anantropic watch is Sumedon. Don’t ask me why. That’s why it’s called ananthropic watch. It’s the only information I’ll tell you”.

Non-Sphinx returned to her quarters, after passing through a plastic curtain, those of scaring insects.

Jennifer (281**Knilb) looked at the parallel web.

“My God, how can I find my sister in this place?”

There was one little problem: the parallel web was larger than all the multiverses together.

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