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To be original….

Graduated Fine Arts University Artist. Art, Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Graphic, Micro to Macro Cosmos, Cosmic sure, Universality…. so NFTs 

Be free…to be original.

Just like animals living in their natural habitat.Understanding what’s next, what’s coming.

To accept the next thing easily.

Being able to let go of the next thing easily.In order not to be affected by many trivial things.Or the quality one to learn.

And after all these;

To leave valuable traces that will be remembered for years to come.For a trace in history.Again… 

Be free.As for art…

No one has to understand the other.No one has to respect me or my art.It’s much nicer just to be interested in the arts and understanding.

See you in my new works…

with my loveZACA


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