Then he created Unbungdingo Universe

Where do I begin?  When you work in law and order the last thing you think of when you leave the house in the morning or evening, is your family.  It’s no exaggeration that some colleagues do not come home. It’s with this in mind that when you get the opportunity to tell a bedtime story or play with your kids, you relish it.

This is me, this is us.  We love making up stories and worlds we can escape to.  This just so happens to be one of those worlds.

Unbundingo Universe began life as a one-off bedtime story.   Grabbing whatever soft toys were close by, giving them names and thinking up the more wild adventures these tiny fluffy toys could have.  

Before long they were part of a whole universe, every night (when not on night shifts), these lovable characters would battle aliens, rescue lost doughnuts, ride on three-wheeled motorised tortoises and learn how to respect each other.  

The first story came to life with the help of Osmo Bacon, the alligator king of Unbungdingo, who was always confused and loved to feast on salami and chocolate.  

“Osmo was bought to NFT life, with the aid of a pen, oil paint, a camera and some very clever computer stuff” said eight year old Max

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