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TheEye of God

I’m an plastic artist and music producer . I was working on the circle project and sacred symbol .

One Day i had a vision , during the day , chilling in the forest ,looking at me in the water ,  i felt deeply that the eye was the resume of all i was searching for . the Circle, the evolution, the lught outside and inside . and at this moiment a bird came just near to me and i could see his eyes deeply, and saw his soul . i saw he was thinking , conscously . From this moment i began to draw eyes , and to study the universal symbolism of the  Eye through history, and my ancestors too from north africa , from egypt ,to maya ,and all around the world. Everywhere this symbol of the eye was  the strongest and most popular belief .. The Evil eye , the eye of god, the eye of Ra , the perception of light , the good luck …

This drawing on paper , has been transformes into many graving on copper , and later paintings on walls , 

Paintings with natural pigments on wood ., during 15 years . The Final Motif is an eye, a circle, an earth, an atmosphere, a moon, a sun, a symbol of universality and perfect evolution, an eye of god . 

In 2020 , i had the idea to give life to this eye through 3dimension and to give the opportunity to  my painting to access a new dimension , a digital and crypto dimension, turning. the High resolution photos , to 3D under blender, and to begin the journey of this eye , who can see everywhere with perfection , this eye who can see far beyond time , material, space, social boundaries and misunderstanding of the world and nature .

And in2021 the golden Eye enter the crypto dimension with NFT …

The Golden Far Eye was Born !!

The Amulet against evil Eye for Digital world, this world , full of envy , jealousy need an amulet .

THe ey e have now adventure, can ear, travel , and experiment story telling , with music production of the far eye  .  The new day , new world, new Eye #NFT


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The blinking eye #5

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The witch