The Virtual Gate Keepers

This piece is made from 6 layers of fractal art. More so, its a predictable future if the human race masses allow it to become a reality…if you’re “awake” you will get this. If not then you need to be…

The year is 2030, the Virtual Gate Keepers are everywhere. You’re old enough to know better, but young enough to remember what some level of freedom felt like…so much so you can taste freedom in your dreams. You just want to go for a walk beyond the block you live on. That’s it, that’s all!

Is it really so bad to just want to go for a walk?

The problem is your desire’s have lead you to 0 virtual freedom points already. You know the Virtual Gate Keepers have already recorded the serial number of your quantum tattoo as you approach. You know they have read the code on your brain implant and understand they know more about you than you do. You have heard the stories of others who thought they knew of a way to beat them, and failed.

Its just, well, did they try what you think is a way to defeat the newest control methods implemented by the authorities? Can you deceive these monsters into believing you are someone else? Can you once again, even briefly, get some of the long gone “old normal” feeling in your current life?

Can you defeat The Virtual Gate Keepers?

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903karasu sealFIXx

//// neu graphix on karasumagari flyer🏯⚡️