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Untitled Artwork 22IMG 0327Untitled Artwork 64unnamed 1Untitled Artwork 8My daughter and I started out creating characters years ago. Then we thought we should go beyond just creating character after character, so we thought about how cool it would be to start our own universe.  It has been amazing to create various characters with so many different powers and skills.  But we don’t just give them cool skills etc, but we give them a story, that helps breathe life into the characters, their journeys, and their struggles.  We absolutely love hand drawing each and every character, each and every scene that we offer.  That adds a level of uniqueness to each picture and hopefully everyone will see the personality of our characters in each picture that we draw.  Our universe will keep growing as we add characters and add to the stories of the characters so that they too will grow and advance.  We hope you will enjoy our NFT collections and the cool website we have set up, where you can read more about us and our universe.

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