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Two hundred years ago, long before the camera was invented, someone wishing to have an inexpensive portrait created of their loved ones would have visited a silhouette artist.  Within minutes and using only a pair of scissors and a skillful eye, he would have produced a wonderful little image with a remarkable resemblance to his subject.

The name Silhouette traces back to the mid-18th century French finance minister, Etienne de Silhouette.  Because his name was synonymous with doing things cheaply and because he was fond of making these images himself, this art-form was named after him.

In America, Silhouettes were highly popular from about 1790 to 1840. The invention of the camera signaled the end of the Silhouette as a widespread form of portraiture.  However, their popularity is being reborn in a new generation of people who appreciate the Silhouette as a nostalgic and unique way of capturing a loved one’s image.

They will always make charming keepsakes that will be treasured for generations. We have uploaded 100+ assets to OpenSea marketplace. Please visit our collection from the following URLs.

Thank you.

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NEON Ape Yacht Club 12

NEON ApeYachtClub

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Persian miniature