Enviornment 4

The Outpost of Whispers

Rune World is a harsh and unforgiving land, where demi-gods walk the earth and the people are born warriors. Runes that contain Powerful magic is spread across the rune world.

in this Collection I will Draw, Paint, Design and Create the story of this world and it’s Mystical creatures, gods, warriors and Environment


The Outpost of Whispers – Merchant camp where traders and explorers often gather before venturing into the Great Rune Desert. A lot of the explorers go missing in these lands for a week or more and comeback with Bleeding Ears, it’s said that there is a witch that lives in the desert that use the whispers magic to hear everything from the ears of the explorers.

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Enviornment 7

Shadow Isles

5 Enviornment

The Mountain of Emptiness