The Monsterverse


The monstergirls come from a devestated planet. their home has been utterly destroyed by the greed and hate of the evil Fat Cats. Every last resource was plundered and used up by them and the Consume Consume Consume culture their greed had imposed on the people left the planet in havok with every last inch poluted to the point where no life could survive anymore and the planet evicted all life left. Just before the fatcats used their squandered rescourses to leave the wrecked planet and fly off to suck the next one dry. The monster girls will not stand for that, they vowed to find them and stop their evil greed, so that they would not do the same to anyone elses home. they traveled far and wide searching for them when they stumbled uppon the amazing planet earth and recognized the same patterns that were taking place. they decided to save the planet and maybe recruit more people to help stop the injustice of the Fat Cats. little did they know what they would find once they started helping earth….. Come join us and find out!

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Wise Ape

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