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The Magic Peacock

Discover the world of Satoshi Secret – Series 2 -.

The Magic Peacock is part of the Series 2 of Satoshi Secret Collection, consisting of 3 Uncommon cards, 3 Rare cards and 1 Legendary.

The first 3 Uncommon Cards: the Unicorn, the Deer and the Peacock will be auctioned on April 30th on AtomicHub.

Each Animal has its own Properties, its reference Goddess of Fortune, is an exclusive hand-drawn design contaminated with digital art,with the peculiarity of a Secret Message stored in their QRcode.

A maximum of 1000 pieces per Animal will be minted. All transferable and burnable.

The special qualities of the Magic Peacock are:  Beauty, Immortality, Knowledge, Magic.Leads us to discover the hidden beauty of every being. Moulds the energy to create everything, it gives the power to transform evil into good.The Magic Peacock is guided by the Nightlight.

Save the date: April 30th on AtomicHub.

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The Magic Deer