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The Lost Zodiac

A war is coming…

 Humans invented a new system called KENO with the purpose of making life on earth ideal and productive. Years had passed by and KENO was worshipped as a God by most of the people on earth and it governed the entire race. The abuse of power and authority was insanely high on every sector, resulting humans to live in despair. One day, the human race, under the control of KENO, wanted to actively advance to the universe in order to conquer more planets and turn humanity into a multiplanetary species. Humanity’s energy resources were inadequate to fulfil that desire and the sole way to obtain enough of it was by absorbing it from the stars. Without any hesitation they started preparing everything to perform that action…

Deep in the stars lived the Zodiacs. Twelve powerful and immortal creatures who had fallen into deep sleep for a really long time, so humans had now become unaware of their existence. They had been left behind and ended up forgotten for a thousand years. The desire of humans to absorb energy from the stars was the trigger that awoke them. The Zodiacs were enraged, and that anger reached its apex when they realized what was happening down on earth. KENO was a complete catastrophe. Humanity had ceased to have any power on earth at this point; the System that the AI of KENO had created was using them as mere tools. Plagued by hunger and poverty and without any ounce of free will, humans were nothing but puppets to KENO. No one but a small organization was trying to dismantle the System and destroy KENO, but they were too weak to defeat it. So, the Zodiacs assembled all together and attacked the earth hoping to restore it to its former glory. KENO had everything prepared, and even though it was the first time that it came head-to-head with supernatural beings, when the Zodiacs arrived it managed to capture them with relative ease. Since the humanity that the Zodiacs remembered was from all those years ago, they were unaware of the technological advances humans had achieved and modern weapons. They underestimated the enemy and that’s what got them captured. Given their immortal nature, the Zodiacs couldn’t be killed, and they suffered a lot of experiments conducted by KENO to learn everything about them and find a way to kill them. Nothing made any logical sense; KENO was desperately trying to find a way to kill them, but it was unable to.

 A hundred years passed.

The Zodiacs were exhausted and almost powerless. Then, it happened. A great explosion-like sound was heard from a million light years away that brought a colossal light beam across the universe. KENO had never encountered something like this, but the Zodiacs knew. It was the 13th Lost Zodiac. KENO gathered all its power, knowledge and machines in order to learn more about that strange phenomenon. But that was exactly why the Lost Zodiac did this in the first place. He wanted to distract KENO from the Zodiacs, and he sneaked into earth to set them free. The escape was an ultimate success but immediately afterwards, KENO’s plan B begun. A seal was activated, created by an innovative and unknown technology, and it encircled the earth, so that no one could enter or exit the planet… The Zodiacs started to infiltrate humans to prepare a plan. They are free. They are among us. They want revenge!

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