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The hand. This Art is based on the developments of “Neon Corp”.

… This was one of the first developments that I saw live. I remember how I felt uneasy from what I saw. It was hard to believe what I see, although they prepared me for this. In fact, this arm was much larger than usual, I did not understand how it was held on weight. Later, of course, I realized that their technology went much further, even now it’s hard for me to understand what and how it works there.))) Interestingly, they often combine modern materials with very old, worn-out, and some kind of decaying. What is it for them, I can’t tell you, I think it’s somehow connected with the property of different materials, its combination and interaction with each other. As I said, all the processes there are controlled by some kind of super advanced AI. Rather, it is even a kind of central brain, maybe even an extraterrestrial mind. I really hope someday they will show it to me. Manipulations and all kinds of transformations of only this object, I saw so much that I could write about this for a very long time. Unfortunately, it will be almost impossible for me to draw and show you everything that I see there. But the most interesting, memorable and unusual you will definitely see! The main thing is that they do not once forbid me to show all this in my works. Remember: no photos and videos)))

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