Goodboys Collage

The Goodboys

The Goodboys are a collection of 5 little abstract dogs

Lets begin with Goodboy #001

GB1 Twitter

An unspecific breed. This cutie can be whatever you want. It’s the most abstract one of the pack.

Visit Goodboy #001

Now Goodboy #002

GB2 Twitter

More Cat or more Dog? I’ll let you decide.

Visit Goodboy #002

Let’s move on to Goodboy #003

GB3 Twitter

Goodboy #003 is a wild one with a wider taste for colors and textures.

Visit Goodboy #003

Coming from the streets – Goodboy #004

GB4 Twitter

Born on the streets, parents died when he was young. This sweety had to fight it’s way through live alone. Do you wanna stand by his side and protect him?

Visit Goodboy #004

And last but not least – Goodboy #005

GB5 Twitter

This little frenchie comes straight from paris. She’s truely a queen.

Visit Goodboy #005

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