"The Elder"

“The Elder”

First work of a series that the artist calls ‘cybernetic exhibition’. Scenario created with 3D modeling technique and rendering around a physical graphite piece in A3 format. “Cyber Exposition” reflects the viewer’s reactions around the virtual simulation environment, revealing familiarity with the almost android world of instantaneous sensations with the speed of fiber optics.The image demonstrates our modern culture in which the connection to the digital world has aggregated the physical world. Something may be happening in front of you, but you see it first on screens, tablets and simulators. The spectacle reduced to small screens.


For the frame I used a Generic Free model, the rest of the scene was modeled and positioned to render the scene as close as possible to what I imagined and proposed.

elder original

Photograph of the play’s protagonist drawing. Duly framed and stored in the physical world. But I am seriously considering burning it. But every artist fears to destroy his own work, I will still decide.

#100HEN #100HIC #tezosnft #NFTs #hicetnunc  #nftart #animenfts #animedrawing  #OBJKT

“The Elder”

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