Dude EEp Gif

The EEp Collection

Photo 1632519448859 remastered 1Hellooo I’m WelshDog.NFT 

This is The EEp Collection 

All Started from Working in Bars and pubs plus nightclubs I get a lot of Sheep Jokes like (What’s do you Call 3 sheep tied up to a lamp post in Wales )

A  Leisure Center  

And as a doodler.  I Started doodling Sheep for years and as a Old GAMER I love Pixel Art so last year Dude EEp was made.

This one just likes to Chill With Super Slow-mo powers. 

Plus I chuck some Marvel♥️ in with it, YAY Super Powers  as this year I’ve been looking in to Animation and I’m learning new Skills whilst Trying it out.

Well I really hope My EEp’s make you Smile 

Nice one  

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