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The 80's: First Pixels of The Night


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The 80’s: The First Colored Pixels of The Night made this video as a little insight into the 80s, because it was the time that marked the beginning of the popularization of graphics in colored pixels, whether on TV, or in games developed by companies such as Atari, Nintendo, and others.

TVs still broadcast with a lot of noise and image distortion, which worsened with wind speed:)

Also in this decade, several other electronic devices evolved, being in the video represented by a simple security camera.

I created a pixelated representation of people, focusing on a musical symbol that, I believe, is one of the icons of the 80’s, a time when several bands and variations of musical styles appeared, especially in Rock’n Roll – the sound of the video.

I tried to create an underground street atmosphere with cabaret-style neon advertising (I modified a painting by Renoir, called Blonde Bather, stamped on a UAE postage stamp issued in the early 1980s).

With love!

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