Welcome to ‘SPACEPEEPS‘ club. join us as we characterize ourselves with outta earth creation. let’s travel to space and other worlds while still here….. isn’t that fun? these nfts connect us to the outside world all around us… let us as a community take part in the adventure to other worlds…. each character has their own unique feature, some have fire-breathing eyes, others are just high on space weed others just warm fuzzy eyes… the special skin tone represent different roles in the club, the red being the party animals(party aliens), the baby blue being the elite, brown the leaders,  purple the stubborn, pink the lovable, yellow the influencers, grey the neutrals and finally the deep blue the ones with power… there is enough for everyone and one for anyone and a price for anyone

follow for more https://twitter.com/spacepeepsnfts

                                                                 “OFF TO THE SPACE”

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