SpaceKitty v1 (version1) on Songbirds are a generative NFT collection featuring cute kitties and their dedicated planets. They are coming out to takeover planets and rule the universe!  There are 1000 Unique SpaceKitty and each have their own DNA on the Songbird Blockchain! We have randomly generated NFTs created by talented  artist. Space Kitty journey has started and we are here to help them! After they have taken over, they will communicate with v2 spacekitty and another 1000 v2 Space kitty will be released!

Firstly, 111 NFTs are MINTING LIVE now on Polygon Network for 10 $MATIC Each!! MINT them before they are gone. Rare ones are still available!

Not only that, There will be Airdrop for first 111 NFTs for all Polygon Network NFTs Holders with the 1:1 AD.

Note: 1000 NFTs will go Live for minting on 20th Feb for 250 $SGB on SONGBIRD

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