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Sonic Lifeforms

Harmony shapes vibrations into new lifeforms. 

That’s why we create ART…

NFTCollection by @MondlerCanvas & @Timafster_

Hello everyone!

We are Sonic Lifeforms, NFT project that unites creators, artists, producers.

We create vibrations, turn them into musical fractals and eventually they obtain visual form.

We started this project during the first eclipse corridor in 2022, when we have found ourselves in a lovely house in a safe place not far from combat zone.

We had a few musical instruments: midi keyboard, ukulele, electronic drum pad, Fender Jaguar and a couple of MacBooks. Somehow we knew, that art was the only way for us to survive through these strange times.

Music has always been an experimental field for us. Not just a way to express something we know but rather a chance to find out something we don’t know.

Like with these music loops, there is certain mathematical order in rhythm and harmony, some kind of golden ratio, that makes them fractals. Which means, they can play eternally 🙂

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