So Many Gods

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2B3D is a tech company creating breakthrough medical solutions with Virtual Reality (VR). Our primary focus is integration of medical treatments into our VR games to treat widespread, debilitating mental disorders. Our goal is to make this software widely available in current VR headsets. Our partner company, Forge Forward Project is currently testing these treatments on individuals suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), a condition that requires rapid response to save lives. 2B3D is also tapping this same tech to create exciting VR, NFT, Crypto and Play-to Earn game projects to reward our investors and Web 3 community with fun, educational and financial opportunities. 

VR and Metaverse Projects:

VRx | Virtual healthcare that includes therapies designed to address anxiety and PTSD, meditation, resiliency, and in-room VR appointments with medical professionals.  VRx also includes the medical eco-system such as pharmacy, medical devices, insurance and other. This will include a rapid response system to life-threatening events.

So Many Gods | A Play-to-Earn, space-themed Sci-fi looter shooter MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game providing daily opportunities to amass NFT assets and In-Game $SCRIP token rewards for players. 

Topher’s Inferno | In-Headset Multi Person Arcades and VR UI Portals. CO-OP VR Portals for worldwide  meet-ups with friends, groups, movies, meetings and events. Connecting enthusiastic gamers with ambitious developers. Come hang out! 

NFTy150 | NFT marketplace, minting option and showroom with direct links to all our VR Metaverse locations. Ability to showcase your NFTs to friends and participants. If it’s in your wallet, it can go on the wall! 

RestXP |  Virtual land and B2B meeting rooms to use or own with a resting daily crypto reward. Whenever you spend time in any of our VR rooms, virtual real estate, VR Space Station, games, arcades, or anywhere in our system while in a headset, you may earn in-game crypto rewards. 


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