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"Sir Lapin" : "Follow the black rabbit…"

“Sir Lapin” is the French translation for “Mr. Rabbit”. This was my original avatar I used with my twitter account. The influence came from Playboy’s new advertisement campaign. It was a nice change in direction they took in my opinion. To show appreciation, I pitch this redesign for their logo. I didn’t care for them acknowledge it. I was happy that I contributed to change in their “stigma”. Also, it ties into what my galley is. The quality from what I saw on Instagram during my “great depression pit” The “thirst traps” were kool-aid water-down backpage “centerfolds”.

I just add flavor while I felt imprisoned with my mel•an•chol•y mĕl′ən-kŏl″ē.

“Follow the black rabbit…”

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"κολυμπώ Καλό" : "Swim Good"

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