Simplified World Time.

Hi, my name is Tarwar musician artist, creator of hermessecund timeverse.

the story behind this NFT deserves an ebook for me. it is made to start a new digital time management, what i called Simplified World Time. 24=24=12/12
a new world with a new watch (HS) and a new calendar neither lunar nor solar but quite simply mathematical.
360 days / year°.
12 HS / day
12 HS: 59 Binutes: 119 Seconds.
should have started in 2012! the story is long.
Here is a brief overview of the first part of this twenty-year-old project! and this is why the NFT device
will make this project even more accessible than I anticipated.

the idea of the time 2.0 project appeared twenty years ago in montreal and more precisely in my head 🙂 on the roof of a student building!
this question was answered in 2007! approved in 2012! but neither the financing nor the societal need was favorable at that time for this kind of project.
I only created a fb page in April 2012.
in June 2021 my father died. I bury him in peace and put youtube one night discover the Emerald Tablet of HERMES TRISMEGISTUT.
The book of secrets.
I had never heard of this stuff before. despite my mystical tendency.
in short, I discover 12 sentences that I understand perfectly in my own way.

it explains 20 years of thinking about an idea and its feasibility and usefulness. since that day I think NFT! Respond to the Emerald Tablet in NFT, translate all my ideas into images. the interface, the design of the watch and the calendar. sell one or two to launch the SWT counter with an active social media network. to make Time decentralized like money. i think the DeTimestamp has its place in the network of the future, its own blockchain and Binutecoin. a new world to rhythm of seconds. a real secondworld.

our own calendar to be left behind. a BC (Befor Covid!)
easy, fair and error-free calendar.
infinite cycles of 30 years.
cycle0.01.01.01 can start on 02.02.02
but impossible to sell before this date.

also made graphics of the 12 ( E.T ) Emerald Tablet revealed.tarot 1the plans of the HS watches.


the calendar and the Compass TMap.and a few other explaining the SWTimestamp and the 12 Time Zones map. swtlz

need to make it possible to navigate the countries where it is day or night or morning or afternoon! buting things from stores of registered members and holders of SWT business or service cards around the world.
the Tarwar Program contains Time Game Movie Music Work Money and more . its a new born world.

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