This is Shiro.
She is very fond of cookies, various sweets, play hide and seek and other games.
And she is always hungry.
Shiro doesn’t need protection. She herself, if necessary, can count your ribs and leave broken limbs.

She was born, in the form that you see, just three days ago. Don’t hurt Shiro!!!
Better be her friend.
Shiro is in dire need of love and a new home.

Date of Creation 29.07.2022


This is my girl @N.A.Z.

Addition to the story from @N.A.Z.
I have been living on the street for the last 2 weeks. And when it turns out to do what I love, I give myself to it without a twinge of conscience and without a trace.
I’m looking for a home for Shiro right now. And as soon as a home is found for her and I have the opportunity to get out of my predicament ….

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