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She's going to blow

IMG Breakfast 20210405 154540 processed 2Some days she may seem distant, others filled with joy.

Sometimes she may be disinterested in playing with your toys.

You may catch her crying, though she will assure you nothing’s wrong.

She doesn’t want to worry you and soon the tears are gone.

One morning she may stay in bed, eyes red from lack of sleep.

You may begin to understand, her feelings run so deep.

She loves you more than anything, often feels she’s not enough.

Wanting only to give you the very best, but her battle’s truly tough.

She needs to you know it’s never your fault when she’s feeling down,

And wishes all of your memories of her to be of smiling and clowning around.

It’s hard to hide her illness from eyes that always see.

She battles through her sadness, it’s not how she wants to be.

Focus on all the moments she kisses and hugs with all her might,

See the love dancing in her eyes, the reason she fights this fight.

She knows you deserve the best and wants to be your supermom.

You’ll understand better with age, as the time moves on.

For now just know when darkness comes and mom seems rather blue,

It never has even the slightest bit to do with anything you do.

Everyone has a wall to break, a mountain to climb.

Inside your mom is strong, not weak.

For you she’ll always shine.

Try not to worry about mommy, for you she’ll make it through.

Because nothing will ever mean more to her,

than her eternal love for you.

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