Shelter pets Rescue Heros Club presents the first NFT run about to drop!! check it out and get a free vacation in the process.Check it out here and join our Discord Server

Shelter Pets are dying every 16 seconds !
Please Help !

Please help us save 7,777 living shelter pets by selling out Priscilla & Happys Collection of RESCUE HERO NFTs. RSVP  to secure your spot to be first to mint.

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Everyone that buys a RESCUE HERO NFT from the Priscilla collection in the pre-sale will become a member of HAPPY’s RESCUE HERO CLUB and gain special access to the clubhouse! The Clubhouse is a great place to meet new friends and like-minded people that love to save animals whether it be from shelter pets to wild and/or endangered species. As a Rescue Hero club member You will be representing 4CharityNFTs and can invite your local shelters to apply for receiving donation funds from the National Greyhound Foundation 501 c (3) non-profit corporation. More information can be found at You can also sign up to participate in local shelter pet adoption days (when available in your area).
We would LOVE to have you in our club so pop on over to our discord “HAPPY’s RESCUE HERO CLUB” to talk all things art, NFTs, SAVING SHELTER PETS, charity, and share in our passion for animals and creativity!

Unique Priscilla & Happy NFT’s

After the pre-sale has ended the unique Golden Background cat & dog NFT’s will be distributed to our biggest NFT holders these special rare gold background NFT’s are specified in our contract, with one of a kind traits. There are only 77 of these special rare Priscilla & Happy NFT’s ever made. They will be published after the pre-sale has ended and given as incentive to our biggest holders.

Cat & Greyhound friend

77+ Unique Traits
What do 77 + unique traits mean.

Each cat and greyhound friend is uniquely generated by our algorithm. Within this algorithm, over 77 + unique traits are used and then hand-drawn by our talented artist Antonio.

Golden Backgrounds

During the presale, we would like to provide the opportunity for the “animal saving action takers” among us to join HAPPY’s RESCUE HERO CLUB in full force to Save as many real Shelter Pets as possible! Everyone who mints and purchases the largest package of Priscilla’s Collection NFTs, receives an extremely rare Golden Background Priscilla & Happy NFT for free. However, note that there are only 77 available, and no more will EVER be available!


1 st December2021

NFT Pre-sale

During the Pre-sale you will get the chance to mint your Priscilla RESCUE HERO NFT for a fraction of its potential future price! Also, and most importantly, the money goes to save a living shelter pet (you are giving the GIFT OF LIFE to a living shelter pet) the Pre-sale will consist of exactly 7,700 NFT’s + 77 super rare Golden NFT’s with Priscilla and her greyhound friend Happy! You can only get these for FREE by buying 10 or more pre-sale NFT’s.


Golden Cats & Greyhound Rarities Incentives

The Golden Cats & Greyhound rarities incentive will be given to everyone who purchased 10 or more NFT’s during pre-sales. There will only be 77 ever made. So that makes these 77 Golden Cats & Greyhound rarities Super Rare !



Our artists are busy creating a full range of HAPPY’s RESCUE HERO CLUB merchandise for our club members to wear. The merchandise will be a way for you to showcase your membership in our exclusive club and dedication to saving shelter pets.Members will receive extensive discounts based on their NFT portfolio.


Working with Pet Shelters on Adoption

We are already hard at work with the National Greyhound Foundation gathering Shelter Partnerships and Racing Greyhound Kennel partners. These partnerships will allow you, as a Club member, to feature your name on a list that represents Happy’s Rescue Hero Club and help the most AT RISK and HARD TO ADOPT animals find their “forever homes”. When we work together we have a chance at saving many of the 1.5 million plus shelter pets that are euthanized each year across the USA.Thank you for speaking on behalf of all the dogs and cats in shelters, your dedication, and your continued support.

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