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Shapes of the Divine NFT youtube channel

Shapes of the Divine project will soon be an AR interactive coffee table book. in physical form as well as an e-book and hopefully version for the metaverse 

25% of every sale of NFTs and each version of the books will be donated to woman survivors of domestic violence shelters Every NFT I create on OpenSea is exactly 1:11 that features  music I create myself that is 5:55 min, 

this youtube channel is the videos are versions that are full-length versions with that music that are in the unlockable content to download 

to see all the collection please click on each piece to see the animation and hit the volume button to hear the music 

Each #NFT with its own backstory or quotes  and is an animated video 1:11 with music I create myself 

These creations are made by collaborating with over 100 visionary psychedelic artists from around the world. with projection and photographed on the subject’s body. 

Edited and masked in ON1 Raw software and animated in Plotaverse • The Evolution of Dynamic Apps and music made by me in Novation Launchpad

By owning one do get   a physical copy of the coffee table book, only three or more you get a very special version of the coffee table book  that is signed by the artist and some of the models 

The un-lockable content include

1:11 4K Version 

5:55 .wav + 4k video with art on it with audio 

of music 

(Royalty-free I created each track)

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adriano cadau
adriano cadau

awesome collection congratulation!!

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Generative Artwork #16

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24pixel Wine