DEMI GLO 1.6.2021 Glass Crane x Lane copy

Shapes of a Demiglow collab w/ @glass_crane

Shapes of a Demiglow collab w/ @glass_crane 

25% will go to @RosehavenPDX

The un-lockable content include

1:11 8K Version

 And a 5:55 8k video with art on it 

with audio of music +a copy of the .WAV

Please check out my collections  on OpenSea

Each #NFT with its own backstory or quotes  and is a animated video 1:11 with music I create myself 

Priced at an affordable 0.111 – 0.222 ETH

Most available for  ETH some however are available on Polygon/Matic to save on gas fees

These creations are made by collaborating with over 100 visionary psychedelic artists from around the world. with projection and photographed on the subject’s body. 

Edited and masked in @on1 Raw software and animated in @Plotaverse Shapes of the Divine will become an AR interactive  coffee table and NFT book  by buying one of these NFTs you will get an airdrop of the NFT version of the book on 1-11-2020 

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