Enviornment 7

Shadow Isles

Rune World is a harsh and unforgiving land, where demi-gods walk the earth and the people are born warriors. Runes that contain Powerful magic is spread across the rune world.

in this Collection I will Draw, Paint, Design and Create the story of this world and it’s Mystical creatures, gods, warriors and Environment


Shadow Isles – This cursed land was once home to a noble, enlightened civilization, known to its allies and emissaries as the Blessed Isles. However, more than a thousand years ago, an unprecedented magical cataclysm left the barrier between the material and spirit realms in tatters, effectively merging the two… and dooming all living things in an instant.

Now, a malevolent Black Mist permanently shrouds the Isles, and the earth itself is tainted by dark sorcery. Mortals who dare to venture to these dismal shores will slowly have their life force stolen away from them, which in turn attracts the insatiable, restless spirits of the dead.

Those who perish within the Mist are condemned to haunt this nightmarish place for eternity—worse still, the power of the Shadow Isles appears to wax stronger with every passing year, allowing the most powerful specters to roam farther and farther across Rune World.

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