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Self-portrait as an instant noodle

Instant ramen was invented to fight world hunger. I decided to express this symbolism for a charity event of @EmpressTrash and (to which I will donate at least 50% of all sales). Aug 17 – 25th at Dumpster Palace Cryptovoxels gallery with Twitter Spaces talk(s) on Aug 20th and/or 21st.

I don’t know how this is accepted in your community or in your country, but we call it a bum-pack. Which may be rude, but we all in the same boat here, more or less. On the one hand, cheap ramen got this derogatory nickname for their affordability. Homeless people and immigrants do eat it every day. On the other hand, there is a certain trend among hipsters for more expensive ramen.

Swill Klitch on Twitter: “Self-portrait as an instant noodle / Twitter”

Self-portrait as an instant noodle

I’ve been on both sides. And, despite the fact that among the homeless I was just a tourist who had a place to return, I understood something about this life. Therefore, for animation, I used my portrait, which I took specifically for this. The ramen-face was shot in 2014 and seemed to be waiting for this moment to be used in art. The choice of background turned out to be the most controversial for me, because there were many options, such as a photo of an expensive restaurant for contrast. But I chose stock footage to highlight the accessibility of the ramen.

Thanks to @SkyHear84627492 for the video editing and coloring help.

Be kind and don’t forget about those who live nearby!

Link to buy via Hic et nunc

Editions of 579 (Remains will be significally shortened or burned after the event)

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