!! Samples 7 – From One Hundred Thousand Mosaic Series

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Daily view from the Mosaic Series.                 Drop info on Instagram  @nftiemporium

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This huge abstract collection series has been planned to be distributed towards two communities

Ethereum and Solana.

Each NFT is INDIVIDUALLY UNIQUE in either different color and pattern. NO TWO NFTS ARE ALIKE.

With plenty of colorful patterns to discover it might just the artpiece for any NFT collector.

Follow us on Instagram be notified for the drop and more info at     @nftiemporium

NFTi Emporium™ is a subsidiary of NFTi Universe Auctions™

!!!! Get yours soon

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Is there are there any special editions of this NFT going to be released, such as rare versions ?


!! Samples 8 – From One Hundred Thousand Mosaic Series

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