Şahmeran Legend

The upper part of her body is a beautiful woman, and the lower part of her body is in the form of a snake, a mythological creature found in the tales of eastern culture. This legend takes place in the province of Tarsus in the Mediterranean Region. The snakes living here were called Meran. These peaceful snakes were intelligent, compassionate and their queens were called Shahmaran. The first person to see him, Cemşab, was the son of a poor wood-selling family. Cemşab wants to extract honey from a cave with his friends, but his friends leave Cemşab in the cave to get more honey. When Cemşab notices a leaking hole in the cave, he widens this hole with his knife and sees a beautiful garden. This garden has unique flowers, a pool and many snakes. Cemşab, who has lived here for years, gains the trust of Şahmeran, but misses his family and says that Şahmeran will let him go, provided that he does not tell anyone about his location.

Cemşab does not tell anyone about Şahmeran’s location until the sultan gets sick. When the vizier says that the sultan needs to eat the meat of Şahmeran for his recovery, Cemşab shows Şahmeran’s place and, seeing that Cemşab is actually upset, Şahmeran tells him to boil him and make the vizier drink his water and feed the meat to the sultan. The vizier dies, and the healed sultan makes Cemşab his vizier. According to the legend, it is rumored that the snakes, who did not know that Şahmeran was killed, would invade Tarsus when they learned this.

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