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Richard Benjamin Lachance

Poet and NFT Artist

Master in psychology University Laval 2003...Publication of books of poetry and in different magasines since 2000. Writer of the first world NFT multimedia poetry book: Price of the night/Ce que vaut la nuit. Working in psychological counsuling.


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Price of the night

First world NFT poetry book: Price of the nightso after one year of choice and many others to created the book was completly mint and finished to began to breath by his owns wings....

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Creative art psychology

Help to find your way in art by psychological consultation


Design multiservices

Writting poetry and story teller

Help to find words for picture and other creative works.


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Price of the night/ Ce que vaut la nuit

So about the realisation of my NFT poetry book... First you have to know that the work will be done completly at the end of this month of august 2022... 52 NFTs of words drawing's and painting's... Poems in french and english..A representation of a story about the love of a women and a men who can't meet each other because the distance..They will have to learn how love can survive when they bring face to face against the appearence of the absence ...A travel in the mist of doubt of the physical body needs to find the deepest and only love who can survive to anything that call death and deterioration: the only and unique spirit where all love born for eternity: breath of the true heart in all heart..A song to accomplish the destiny of the solitude that is to never be alone...

So in a first plan that NFT poetry book want too relate about our modern way to meet each other with the new way of communication that open desire but with all the pain sometime that result from false construction of the personnality in the mist of appearence that society give with the cult of the body and the reject of the degration for the win of bad conception of life and love and rejection of the maturity that eyes have to learn from the hearth... to begin to see...

In a metaphoric way...by this NFT poetry book a want to make a bridge between classical art and the choice that NFT gives: be or not to be art like a creation of wath survive with the passage of time and the value of money with no soul...this is why i left this words for the question of wath is one of the most important thing an NFTs creator need...to a youtuber who ask that: I think wath is one important thing a new NFT artist would need to get started is to be true with the spirit in his heart... thats the roots ... if you have no roots you will have no strenght

to give to your NFT his inner life without you and to fly with the wind and to be part of time eternity...So we have an important responsabilty with the rising of NFT is to fight for transmitting to futur generation that "yes" there a time for death...degradation...pain..but there always in the mist ... in the deepest darkness who seem sometimes win against us: a light between roots of the stars that will rise in the mist to give breath and hope...

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Price of the night / Ce que vaut la nuit
First world NFT multimedia Poetry book
English/French words and painting and drawing
minted on polygon blockchain on Ooensea


Richard Lachance

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